Theses and Dissertations Theses and Dissertations

 This department collects and organizes students' theses and dissertations and provides services to visitors. This section contains the following sections:

A. The stock of printed theses and dissertations: Located on the 6th floor of the Central Library, it contains the old theses and dissertations which have not been scanned and digitized yet.


B. The digital dissertation Hall: It provides visitors with the Pdf format of dissertations. This hall is located on the first floor of the library next to the information desk.

- Technical services of dissertations located on the ground floor where technical and administrative affairs are performed.

- The graduation center where students submit the last version of their dissertations. This section is located on the ground floor.

The main steps in this section are:

To deliver the CD of the Dissertation as well as the form of checkout by the student

To record new dissertations and their backup in the system

To update and modify  the information of dissertations in the system

To prepare dissertations

To index dissertations (currently stopped)

To check the dissertation database

To present services at the Digital dissertation hall

To establish a proper mechanism for coordinating and cooperating between the Central Library and the libraries of different departments at the University of Tehran

To have a continuous review of methods, procedures, and plans for creating an appropriate database for dissertations at the University of Tehran.

To help visitors

To organize the department and coordinate the department staff in carrying out affairs

To scan, modify and upload old dissertations

To provide internship services to people who are introduced by educational institutions

This department is located on the first floor.


The director of the department: Seyyed Javad Zarghani

Tel: +98(21)61112793