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This department deals with the process of selecting, ordering, preparing, registering, exchanging and donating resources to the Central Library. The resources including books and periodicals are provided through the law of purchase, donation, and exchange. In this regard, according to the policies of the Central Library and the needs assessment of library visitors, the books of the humanities and social sciences are to be prioritized. A portion of the Latin books and publications required by the library are provided through book exhibitions, especially the Tehran International Book Fair ( The selection and purchase of books and publications in this section are supervised by two committees of Selecting Resources and Publications.

According to the law on the publication of books, approved by the Supreme Council of the Cultural Revolution in 1989, the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance (, all books published in more than 2000 copies in Iran, have a copy to the Central Library and Documentation Center. In addition, the Central Library became a member of the Ministry of Islamic Guidance's publications on September 1, 1978; accordingly, the directors responsible for publications throughout the country were obliged to send a copy of their publications to the Central Library and Documentation Center of the University of Tehran. In addition, according to the correspondence and agreements concluded with the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance in December 2004, the Central Library and Documentation Center have been trying to receive printed works with less than 2000 copies.

The library's major donated collections are as follows:

Seyyed Mohammad Meshkat - 1951

Hassan Ali Ghaffari (Assistant Director) - 1968

Mohammed Abduh - 1969

Kazemzadeh Iranshahr - 1970

Yahya Mahdavi - 1970

Hekmat Al Agha - 1971

Family of Saeed Nafisi - 1971

Dr. Abdolhossein Raji - 1972

Family of Seyyed Jalal Jazayeri - 1973

The family of Dr. Mohammad Hakimi - 1973

The family of Hajj Sheikh Ali Ardakani - 1973

Seyyed Mohammad Ali Jamalzadeh - 1974

The family of Mohammad Ali Sadid al-Saltaneh - 1974

Khan Baba Tabatabaee Naieni - 1974

The family of Mohammad Ali Farhang Ardakani - 1974

Manouchehr Bozorgmehr - 1976


  This department is located on the ground floor of the Central Library.


Director of the Department: Isa Mojarradi

Tel: +98(21)61112841