Cataloging Cataloging

This department catalogs and assigns a collection of printed books in Persian, Arabic, English and other languages ​​to be used in various sections and halls of the library. In addition, entry and correction of the bibliographic information of books for the comprehensive software of the library are done in this section. The technical responsibility of organizing books as well as collaborating with the resource department to identify and provide new resources is performed in this section.


The cataloging of books in this department is in accordance with the second edition of the Rules of the Anglo-American (AACRII) and based on the Library of Congress (LCC) classification as well as National Library of Iran.

The most important resources used to organize collections of books in this department are:

·         The National Library of Iran

·         The Documentation Center of the National Library of Iran

·         The Website of Malek Fahad Library (Saudi Arabia)

·         Library of Alexandria

·         Information Center for Iranian Libraries

·         Persian Subject Headings

·         BP, BBR, DSR, PIR, PJA, the National Library of Iran

·         Persian List of Khanbaba Moshar

·         Documentary list of names, celebrities and authors

·         Classifications of the National Library of Iran

·         -Library of Congress (Online Catalog)

·         -Library of Congress Authorities

·         -Library of Congress. Classification Web (LCC: online)

·         -OCLC WorldCat

·         -The British Library

·         -McGill University (Montreal, Canada)


This department is located on the ground floor of the Central Library.


Director of the Department: Maliheh Darkhosh

Tel: +98(21)61112694