IT services IT services

IT Services to Customers include:

1-    The use of computer science and informatics

2-    The use of library search engines.

3-    The guidance of people to have access to scientific information resources.

4-    Documentary Services (DSS).

5-    The use of accompanying CDs.

6-    Tips for using (WiFi)

7-    Training classes on the use of academic databases.

8-    News and events of the library and news sources of scientific resources through the website and the channel of the telegram.

These services are available to:

1. Users of the Department of Education; Graduate students (graduate and Ph.D. students) from University of Tehran.

2. Visitors are required to submit their student card. Otherwise, they are not allowed to have these services.

3. The use of websites that are against Islamic ethics and law, the non-scientific and non-research use of the Internet, and installation of any software is prohibited and, if observed, the offenders will be dealt with in accordance with the rules.

4. Each computer device is exclusively for use by a user and it is prohibited to bring companions.

5. If the user leaves the hall, the computer will be available to other visitors.

6. Users can refer questions to University of Tehran's databases and online search engines.

7. Username of the systems is Sahar.

8. Information is not saved on computers' CD drive (including My Document and Desktop)

9. The username and password (e-mail of University of Tehran) are required to have access to internet.

10. Please turn off the computer before you leave.

11. Service hours: Saturday to Wednesday: 8 am-5 pm.