Membership Requirements Membership Requirements

According to the regulations approved by the Council of the University of Tehran on June 26 2001, the Central Library and the Documentation Center is responsible to provide services solely for the members of the faculty, staff and students at the University of Tehran.  Other visitors will be provided services according to the stipulated conditions.

Membership in the Central Library:

 A. MA and PhD students of the University of Tehran.

 B. MA and PhD students of other Iranian universities

 C. Students of religious studies (Tollab) and Lawyers

 D. Scholars, writers, and translators

The last three groups (B, C, and D) need to have their ID card to have the one-day membership. All sources of the library will be available to visitors. You can learn about working hours of different sections of the library at the following link:

To learn further about one-day membership you can contact the Central Library public relations: (098)61112362