Manuscripts and Documents Manuscripts and Documents

This department deals with the collection, compilation, organization, cataloging and maintenance of manuscripts, historical documents, microfilms, photographic editions, lithograph books and historical photographs, rare books, and some special collections. The collection of manuscripts in the libraries of the Department of Literature, Theology, Medicine, and Law is maintained in this department. Up to now, 21 volumes of manuscripts of the Central Library, 7 volumes of the manuscripts collections of libraries of various Departments, 3 volumes of the microfilm list and 2 volumes of the historical monographs have been published.


The work of cataloging and organizing materials in the manuscripts department is being carried out by department experts who catalog books with respect to all the manuscripts of libraries in Iran and abroad, a variety of bibliographies, thesauri, books, journals and other references. In addition, they draw on Islamic resources.

The manuscripts Department consists of a book repository and two halls on the fourth floor:

 Mohammad Taghi Daneshpajouh Hall: The hall for studying manuscripts on the first floor of the Central Library

 Khwajeh Nasir Al-Din Tusi (Nafis Hall): The hall for Rare Books and Special Collections


Director of the Department: Parisa Karam Rezaie

Tel: +98(21) 61112837