Thesis services Thesis services

      The Digital Thesis collection of the Central Library and Documentation Center with over 72,000 titles of Persian and Latin theses and dissertations at the undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate levels provide services to visitors from Saturdays to Wednesdays (8 am to 17 pm). It provides services to:

·   All members (students, staff and faculty) of University of Tehran with the Student Identification Card or Personnel ID.

·   Students and graduates of the Master's and Ph.D. degrees or the faculty and researchers of other universities.

·   Visitors from other universities must have their IDs, a student card or a graduate certificate as well as a bank account to pay the fees.

Copy and Cost:

·    Qualified applicants can receive full theses which have passed two years from their defense date.

·    For recent theses (less than two years), only 50 pages can be copied.

·   The cost of each PDF page is as follows:

                 - For students of University of Tehran: 1000 Rials

                 - For students and the faculty of other universities: 2000 Rials

                 - For foreign people: 3000 Rials

To have more information please call: +98(021)61112773

 Writing and editing instructions for graduate and Ph.D. students to present to the Central Library of University of Tehran

 Tariff Schedules for Services at different sections of the Central Library of University of Tehran